MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2024



And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; …” (Mk 16:17)

Many people endure suffering for a long time because they can’t discern demonic activities around them. Its pointless to attack a spirit being with human fabricated weapons. There’s no way you’ll win that battle. Spiritual problems will only answer to spiritual solutions.

Sometimes when there’s strife, confusion or just plain trouble in a marriage, it’s just a manifestation of demonic activity. Now, I’m not saying all disagreements and trouble in marriages are caused by demonic activity. Sometimes, people are just ignorant or bereft of godly wisdom. Most of the time, they’re in the flesh and not doing what the Bible says they should do.

While you or your spouse cannot be possessed by demonic spirits, if you’re Born Again, you can be influenced by demonic spirits if you open yourself up to them. Also, people around you, whether saved or not, can be used of the devil to cause troubles for you. Sometimes, when people become unreasonable, uncooperative, confrontational, argumentative and are generally just looking for trouble, then its definitely not the Spirit of God that’s influencing them.

If you have learnt to exercise self control, and to maintain your cool even in the face of vehement aggravation, you’ll know when the devil is at work. All you have to do at such times is to politely excuse yourself and go to a place where you can take authority over the situation. Sometimes you have to go to the rest room.

Then, you bind the activities of the devil and you command him and his cohorts to stop and desist from their operations against you. You break their influence over the person involved and you forbid them from using that person to carry out their nefarious works. When you order the devil and his cohorts out of your marriage, home or family in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. They have to go. They have no choice.

When you return to where the person is, you will be shocked at the demeanor of the hitherto angry, argumentative, uncooperative or troublesome fellow. They will be the direct opposite of what they were just a few minutes back. It’s like a drunken fellow. When the influence of alcohol wears off, he’s back to his senses.


I thank you dear Lord Jesus for opening my eyes of understanding and reminding me of the authority that I have in your Name. From this day, I will use your Name to keep the enemy out of my marriage, my home and my family. Thank you Lord Jesus.



Mark 16:17,  James 4:7,  1 Peter 5:8-9