Folks often ask how they can make a success of the process of meeting someone, knowing that the person is the right one and going ahead to get married.

We have listed here, this Valentine season, what we consider to be guidelines or laws that can help you successfully navigate the minefield that love relationships have become.

This is a progressive thing as one stage leads to another. You have to start from no 1 and move on to number 2, and so on if you want to make a success of the process.

If you follow these as your SEVEN commandments, you should smile all the way to the altar and beyond.

  1. GET A LIFE: Be happy single. Know your purpose on Earth and know what you want to do with your life. Be actively engaged in the pursuit of your purpose.  Get educated on love relationships.
  2. MAKE FRIENDS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX: Casual friendships. For Guys, don’t look for sex.  For Girls, don’t look for Romance. Be casual and take your time, bearing in mind that all relationships cannot end in marriage.
  3. DATE ONLY YOUR FRIENDS: These are people you know, like and have things in common with – ‘things like Religion, Education, Profession, Hobbies, Goals, etc. There should be no strings attached to your dates. You should go out on dates with more than one person at this stage
  4. NARROW YOUR DATES DOWN TO ONE PERSON: This has to be someone you really care about, someone you think you can have a future with and someone with whom you have the same life goals. This is the time to confirm and re-confirm that you have the right partner. Start seeing a Counselor. It’s time to meet your parents.
  5. START PLANNING A LIFE TOGETHER: If you think you can live together forever, start planning a life together.  Where to live, work, children, vacations, service in church, priorities, finances, investment, friends etc.  Be detailed and be open and honest.  If you find that you’re no longer sure about having the right person say Bye- bye. If you’re sure you have the right one, it’s time to start planning the wedding. It’s also time to get educated about what married life entails.
  6. GET MARRIED: By now you’re sure that you’ve found your missing Rib or your Adam. It’s time to live together happily forever after? Who are you kidding? It’s time for work. It’s time to start bonding and that doesn’t mean sex alone. It’s time to learn the true meaning of words like compromise and forgiveness. It’s also time to discover that ‘Two are better than one’
  7. BECOME BEST FRIENDS.  If you want a successful marriage till death does you part, this has to be your goal. The sooner you achieve this goal, the better for you. It’s not going to be easy but with God’s help, you’ll make it.

Good luck. If you have any questions, be sure to send them to counselor@datingcycle.com. We’ll get right back to you