Getting rid of your spouse? Read on: Evita (a name she got from her Mexican grandma) ran all the way home, her long wavy hair flying after her in the wind. It was a cool day and she could feel the soothing evening breeze calming her young, pretty, confused face.

She was somewhat elated that her prison days were over, even though she had to wait for six months. She was naturally impatient, something she got from her grandma (according to her mother) but she knew the wait would be worth it.

But there was still the lingering doubt as to whether she could be at her best in spite of Rajiv’s provocations. Rajiv was a difficult and uncaring man and she was totally fed up.

She was soon home and the first thing to do was prepare Rajiv’s super so she could add the concoction in good time. The meal consisted of Rice with lots of vegetables but no meat. Rajiv would not allow her cook meat because he didn’t want to take any chances. You were not allowed to eat meat because you could be eating your grandfather who had reincarnated as a cow.

As she took the container of salt to sprinkle some in the Rice, she was tempted to empty the whole lot. She quickly restrained herself. She had to be at her best behavior. She didn’t want a fight.

It was about 2.00am in the wee hours of the morning when Rajiv dragged himself back home. Eyes blood shot from trying to keep awake, Evita restrained herself by biting hard at her tongue, to prevent the usual verbal assault from getting out.

Rajiv was unaware of his wife’s presence. In his badly stained, once white Wrapper, he looked thin as a rake. His unkempt bushy hair and beard would scare a Barber. He worked 14 hours a day, seven days a week as a factory hand in the city and the long walk to and from work was enough to tire any man.

It had been a very long day and he had stopped at the village bar with friends. It was the end of the month and naturally, there was a lot to celebrate. With a month’s pay in their pockets, everyone was generous and free drinks flowed freely.

“Welcome, Aashiq” Evita crooned from her chair. Freshly bathed, perfumed and wearing what she considered to be a seductive dress, she was expecting a miracle. “I made your favourite dish of vegetables” she announced with her sexiest smile.

Rajiv stretched out his arms trying to find the door to his bedroom. He could have sworn that the door was moving, playing some hide and seek game. He groped about like a blind man for about two minutes and then he felt an uncontrollable urge to ease himself.

He took a few steps forward and loosened his wrapper. As urine flew from him in relief, he heard his wife’s shriek! He was confused. How did his wife get on the toilet bowl?

Evita couldn’t believe her eyes. She was covered with urine!

When she saw Rajiv loosening his wrapper, she thought her plan was working rather well and quickly. But drunk as a fish, the fool must have imagined that he was in the Toilet! Livid, Evita launched at her husband with the speed of a bullet out of a gun, her uncle’s warnings far from her mind.

Being under the influence of alcohol, Rajiv got the beating of his life without knowing it.  Evita did not stop hitting him until he became motionless. Confused, she got up from him and looked closer. He was not a pretty sight. Her mother had constantly warned her that her hot, Mexican temper would be her undoing. She panicked.

Like a bolt of lightening she shot into the bedroom to gather her sparse belongings. She had killed him in her anger.