Getting rid of your spouse? Read on: Evita’s mind was like a Mid-western whirlwind as she tried to figure out what to do next. If only she hadn’t gone to see her uncle. If only she hadn’t inherited her grandma’s temper. If only…………….


She knew she had to get a hold of herself and quickly too. In barely a few hours, Lucas, Rajiv’s friend and co-worker would be outside the house whistling to let Rajiv know it was time to leave for work. He would make his way into the house if Rajiv didn’t respond.


She shuddered at her fate if she was caught. She picked up the plastic bag containing her belongings, mostly clothes and headed for the door, uncertain as to where she would go.


Going to her parents was out of the question. Her father would promptly hand her over to the elders of the village. She wiped her tear stained face with the back of her hands and opened the door.


She almost passed out!


Rajiv was sitting across the door, groaning with both hands, holding his head gingerly. She ran back inside the room. She thought he was dead. Had he resurrected? That was impossible because if he had, he couldn’t have come back as Rajiv. She would have seen a cow or a rat on the chair.


Now she was really confused. What was she to do?


“Evita?” Rajiv’s voice was hoarse and full of pain.


Evita back pedaled until her back touched the wall of the bedroom. Now she was really done for. He was going to tell everyone what she did to him. That was sure to bring a fate worse that death.


He was weak and fragile. Perhaps she should finish him off.


“Evita?” Rajiv grunted again in pain. “Evita can I have some water? I feel sick and I hurt all over”


Evita took a few steps and stood by the bedroom door carefully observing her husband.


Was it a trick? Did he want her to come close enough so he could strike her with some deadly weapon?


“I can’t remember anything” Rajiv lamented, groaning at every word. “I was at the Bar with Lucas and that is all I can recall. Why do I hurt all over? Was I run over by a horse?”


Evita couldn’t believe her luck. He really couldn’t remember the events of the previous night! She burst into tears, relieved.


“Why are you crying?” Rajiv asked. He tried to rouse himself from the chair. He touched his face and felt something wet. There was blood all over him!


“What happened to me?” He asked, turning to Evita with a scowl on his face.


Evita froze unable to utter a word. His memory was coming back! What was she going to do?


Just then there was a familiar shrill whistle outside the door. Lucas was calling his friend!

Evita turned and dashed back inside the bedroom. She had concluded that the gods were merciful to her. How wrong she was. She was most certainly done for.


She hurried to the bedroom window and peeped outside. It was still dark outside. It was at least four hours before Lucas usually arrived. What could have brought him out so early? Lucas whistled again but again Rajiv didn’t respond.


Her heart in her mouth, Evita stood rooted to the spot. Why wasn’t Rajiv responding?




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