FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2024



 “And He went down with them and came to Nazareth and was [habitually] obedient to them; and his mother kept and closely and persistently guarded all these things in her heart.”

 Luke 2:51

There are those who argue that a child doesn’t need a father and a mother to raise him/her right. Indeed, there are single godly parents who have done their best and raised responsible adults all by themselves. My heart and deepest respect is reserved for these precious mothers and fathers. However, they are the exception.

In most cases, these single godly parents have some godly relatives or friends, male or female, who complemented the efforts of the parent in raising those children into responsible adults. In truth, there are things best taught a Son by a Man, just as there are things best taught a girl by a woman.

True Christians are citizens of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom is a spiritual Kingdom and it has a culture and systems. The Kingdom has a language, an economy, it’s educational system and it’s government. Children have to be raised in this culture and under this systems if they will grow up into godly men and women and function effectively in the Kingdom as adults.

God’s design for raising godly children is so important that the Lord Jesus Christ had to be raised in a home. He needed both father and mother to be raised as a godly child. This is one reason why Joseph was in His life. He wasn’t His biological father. Our theme verse explains it all. Jesus had to be subject to his parents. He had to be brought up by parents who taught him to serve God from childhood.

As a godly parent, God expects you to raise a godly seed for him. God’s best is for His children to be raised by godly couples. However, if by some design, you are a godly single parent, please ensure as a mother, that your son has a trusted godly man as his role model. If you are a father, please ensure that your daughter has a trusted, godly woman as her role model.


Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for children in homes threatened by divorce or judicial separation. I pray that you will strengthen them and reveal your self to them in special ways. I pray that you will show them that you love them and you will be never leave them. Thank you Lord, for working a miracle in their home, for their sake. Amen


Psalm 127:3, Mark 10:13-14, Luke 2:51