Is God A Matchmaker?



“Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD” (Prov 18:22)

 If you’ve attended one or two wedding ceremonies, I’m sure you’ve heard our theme scripture recited. Yesterday, we examined one primary reason why God established the institution of marriage. This is to provide help, suitable help for a husband and by extension his wife, to  enable them accomplish God’s purpose for their lives. Couples are to complement, not compete. And wives are by no means subordinates.

Some have said, because Satan tempted Eve and deceived Adam who then blamed it all on God, God decided he was no longer going to give men wives. Every man should go find a wife for himself and this indeed is what our theme scripture suggests. But is this really true?

A careful study of Genesis Chapter 2 will reveal that Adam was the one that chose Eve. God didn’t choose or find Eve for Adam. Like we explained yesterday, Eve was the solution that God provided to help Adam accomplish God’s assignment for him. But if you look closely, you’ll see that after God declared that he would make a help-meet for Adam, God didn’t create Eve right away. And, this is instructive.

What God did immediately, was to create (form) Animals. Then, He presented them to Adam to see what names he would call them. But this wasn’t just a Naming Ceremony. What God did was to present the animals to Adam to see if he would choose any as his help-meet. Adam rejected all of them by the Names he gave them. And this is why at the conclusion of the Naming Ceremony, the Bible states in Gen 2:20 that “…. but for Adam there was not found any help meet for him”. Because Adam didn’t choose any Animal as a help meet, God had to come up with another plan.

God caused Adam to sleep and God formed Eve from his Rib. Then, like God did with the animals that he formed earlier, he brought Eve to Adam and Adam recognized Eve as his suitable help. Adam said “This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman..” If Adam had chosen an Animal as his help meet, there would have been no reason to create Eve.

Its important to note that Adam was able to recognize Eve as his help meet because he had an assignment and he knew what kind of help he needed. The challenge today however, is that most folks don’t know their purpose or assignment when they’re choosing a spouse. This is why most choose the wrong mate as a help meet.

And so, God will bring prospects across your path but he will not choose for you. The point is, when you meet a prospect, it’s not about how beautiful or handsome they are, it’s not about where they’re from or how wealthy or how much education they’ve got. It’s not even about Love. It’s primarily about their assignment and your assignment and whether they’re uniquely equipped to help you succeed in your God given assignment. All other considerations have to be secondary.


I thank you Father, for choosing me and equipping me for the assignment you prepared for me before you brought me into this world. Because you love me, you provided a suitable help-meet for me for this assignment. I ask that you open my eyes of understanding to enable me recognize that special person when I come across them. Amen.



Genesis 2, Proverbs 18:22, Ecc 4:9, Prov 19:14