MONDAY, MAY, 6, 2024



Then Amnon hated her exceedingly, so that the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he had loved her. And Amnon said to her, “Arise, be gone!”

2Samuel 13:15

Yesterday, we underscored the importance of wives ensuring that they make friends with their husbands, as it is not really easy to adapt to someone you don’t know. And you have to know people to become friends with them. Of course, it’s easier to adapt to a friend than a stranger.

Eros, erotical or physical love is most mistaken for Agape in our world today. Eros is physical attraction or sensual love. The world today is totally sexualized and you really can’t blame people who think sexual attraction is real love. Sex is the most marketable commodity in the world.

Our theme verse is a great example of the confused state of the world when it comes to Eros and Agape. Amnon loved Tamar his half Sister and with the counsel of his friend, he feigned illness and got the permission of their Father, King David to get Tamar to come and nurse him. He ended up raping her.

At that time brothers could marry their half sisters and all Amnon had to do was ask their Father for her hand in marriage. But he couldn’t wait. He was so much in love that he couldn’t eat. The interesting thing is what happened after he raped her. Our theme verse says  that Amnon’s hatred was greater than the love he had for her.. He drove her away immediately he was done with her and when she hesitated, he got his servant to throw her out.

The truth is, most of the time, lurking behind Eros is Lust. Unfortunately, many times, when a man says he loves a woman, all  he is in love with is her body, all he wants is sex. But she imagines that he is really in love with her and that’s the beginning of heartbreaks. Lust is not love. Lust takes, love gives.

There’s no way that a marriage built on lust can survive. Once Lust satisfies its desire, it loses interest in the object of its desire. When a man tells a lady “If you love me, you’ll give yourself to me”, he’s not in love, he’s in lust. If the lady gives in, she will end up with a lot of regrets.


Lord Jesus, I praise your Name and thank you for showing me the difference between Agape and Eros. I receive Grace and wisdom to differentiate between, Lust, lustful men and Love. I take Grace to avoid men that are only interested in casual sex and nothing more.


2Samuel 13:1-17, 2 Timothy 2:22