SATURDAY, MAY, 10, 2024



“Take heed therefore how ye hear …”Luke 8:18

Did you know that people hear and understand whatever you say through a sieve? Have you ever spoken to someone and minutes later they acted contrary to what you told them and when you complained, they insisted that their action was based on exactly what you said?

If you are married, I’m sure you’ve probably had this experience several times. You have a discussion with your spouse and days later they give their own interpretation of what you said and you’re simply shocked. Well, your spouse is not crazy, they just heard what you said through their sieve or filter.

Every human has a belief system and any information they receive must pass through that belief system and be processed for understanding. A lot of times, what you said is not necessarily what they heard. A belief system is formed through information and programming received by each one of us before we were born, up till the present day.

If you’re married, you also know that women and men don’t speak the same language. Communication or miscommunication is a big challenge in many homes. One way to address this challenge is for you to always speak to be understood, not to be heard. If your communication is misunderstood, its not the fault of the one you spoke to.

There is a way to handle this challenge and it is quite simple. Every one can do it. After communicating some information to your spouse, especially if its important, tell them to rehash what you just said. I guarantee that ninety percent of the time, you will be shocked at their rehash. They would have processed your words and turned it to their own words.

Obviously, patience is then required as you have to again explain yourself and correct wrong impressions and misunderstandings. You must be prepared to carry out this procedure until you can see that your communication was well understood. If you can do this, you will reduce the conflicts in your home significantly.


I  thank you Lord Jesus, for showing me a way to reduce conflicts in my home significantly. I receive Grace to follow the procedure that I’ve learnt today and to apply the procedure successfully. Amen


Luke 8:18, Mark 4:12