TUESDAY, MAY, 14, 2024



Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. Matthew  18:19


There are rules to praying to God and receiving answers and there are many types of prayers. There’s the prayer of Faith, the prayer of Thanksgiving, the prayer of intercession, the prayer of petition, the prayer of supplication and of course, the prayer of agreement. The prayer of agreement is one of the most powerful kinds of prayer.

The most important thing about the prayer of agreement is that the two persons involved must be in agreement. There must be harmony and consent between them. There must also be consistency. If one of the persons decides to change their mind, there’s a problem.

Because in marriage, two people become one, having a united front, marriage has the wonderful advantage of having an ever present partner in prayer. The issue of someone changing their mind is almost non existent because a husband and wife have become one. The husband or wife will be foolish to think whatever concerns their spouse is none of their business.

Now, Jesus said any demand made by two persons will be responded to by God. Jesus was emphatic when he said said the demand can be about anything. This is a blank cheque for couples to cash in. The prayer of agreement is a proficient and efficacious tool readily available to couples. Many couples are however unaware of this tool.

Unfortunately, Satan knows how powerful this tool is. He knows he is powerless as far as the prayer of agreement is concerned and he tries everything he can to ensure that couples are at loggerheads. You see, a couple in strife cannot pray the prayer of agreement successfully.

This is a major reason why couples must avoid strife and disunity in their homes. Couples must understand that when disagreements occur, the devil will take advantage of it and do all he can to sow seeds of discord in their hearts. His mission is to ensure that the couple can no longer pray together. Couples must ensure that they do not fall for Satan’s tricks to become his victims.


Thank you Father, for the gift of the prayer of Agreement and for opportunities to pray this special prayer with my partner. I will at all cost avoid strife and disunity in my marriage so my partner and I can take full advantage of the prayer of Agreement. I am grateful Lord.


Matthew 18:19, Mark 3:25,