Why did you get married?



Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” (Rev 4:11 KJV)

The word pleasure in our theme verse is the Greek word “thelema” and it can also be translated as the English word, “Purpose”. The great Man of God, Morris Cerullo said, “God is a God of plan, purpose, objectivity and design.” You see, everything that God created was for His purpose and for a specific purpose, in His purpose. God never does anything without a purpose.

The great Man of God, Myles Munroe said “When purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable”. You see, purpose is the “Why” of a thing. It is dangerous to get married without knowing why God established the institution of marriage. If you get married without knowing God’s purpose for marriage, you will surely abuse the institution of marriage, your spouse and yourself. To abuse a thing is to use that thing for something other than what it was designed for.

Without a doubt, Marriage, the way God designed it, is something to be desired above all else. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that most couples are not in the marriage institution that God designed and established. They are in the marriage institution that man has come up with. This is why more than half of marriages contacted worldwide end up failing. This is why, today, young people all over the world generally despise and dishonor marriage.

The decision to get married and the choice of your life partner are two of the most important decisions that will impact your life for ever. If you get married and it isn’t God’s design for you to get married, you’ll ruin your life. Let me be clear, not everyone should be married.

And if you get married to the wrong person, well, you signed up for a life of misery. The Prophet Amos said “Can two walk together except they be agreed?”. Imagine being in a car with someone headed towards a destination that’s definitely not in your contemplation, and he/she has no intention of changing their mind about where they’re headed. I know, you can get a divorce. But if you asked anyone who’s divorced, most will tell you that its better not to go into a bad marriage. Divorce is very costly, in every way.

Listen, if you’re still single, marriage is not for you until you’ve discovered God’s purpose for marriage. But if you’re married and you’re lost, wondering how you got yourself into that mess, it may well be that you got married without  understanding God’s purpose for marriage and for your marriage. But cheer up, all is not lost. You can still discover God’s purpose for marriage and your marriage, and fulfil it. It is true that all things work together for good, even our perceived mistakes.

So, how do you discover God’s purpose for marriage? It’s easy. Jesus said , “Seek and ye shall find”. As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. You will surely find loads of information about God’s purpose for marriage in the Bible. You can also get the teachings of Men and Women of God who have revelation in that area. But best of all, you have the precious Holy Spirit who lives in you to guide you into all truth concerning your marriage. Trust Him, He will guide you.


I thank you Father, for your Grace and your mercy over my life and marriage. I acknowledge that you created the institution of marriage for your purpose. I desire to walk in alignment with that purpose in my life and marriage. I ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit into the right information and to the right Teachers concerning revelation as to your purpose for creating the institution of marriage and your purpose for my marriage also. Thank you Lord, Amen.



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