What Goes Around

The time was a little past 9:00 pm as we stepped out of the Bus Station. I was dog-tired and I couldn’t wait to get back home.

“I don’t know why these Pastors can’t understand that most of us are working folks” Martha, my flat mate, complained as we headed for our flat.

The mid-week service at our Church had lasted a little over two hours and I could understand why she was aggravated. She worked at the Underground and she had to be up by 3.00 am in the morning.

“I really don’t agree with most of what the Pastor was saying just now, you know,” Martha continued. “Sometimes, I think Pastors are out to make sure we don’t get to have any fun at all. I don’t really believe all this stuff about sowing and reaping. Look, there are a lot of girls who played around when we were in school. They are now happily married. I didn’t play around, I’m 28 and I’m still single. What do you make of that?”

I was quiet as I pondered over Martha’s statement. We walked down the High street and turned off at the last bend.

“Hey,” Martha observed “How come you aren’t saying anything? Do you believe in the sowing and reaping stuff?”

I smiled weakly. I would have preferred to discuss the matter much later but Martha was such that once she started something, she had to finish it and that included conversations.

“You are young Martha,” I replied slowly, trying to pick my words. “The Pastor was talking about Genesis chapter 8 and verse 22. He wasn’t sharing an opinion. Believe me, we all end up getting what we deserve on this Earth sooner or later.”

Martha turned and gave me one of those “Oh yeah?” Looks

“Let me tell you about Junita. She had four guys going crazy about her in our final year and she used each and every one of them and dumped them. I can mention five guys she also dated after we left school. She’s happily married to a Millionaire today. How do you explain that?”

“Junita Black?” I asked, wondering if it was the same girl that lived down our block a few years back.

“Yup” Martha grinned, happy that I knew whom she was talking about.

Well, my mouth flew open before I knew what I was doing! “She’s married to a millionaire alright but she’s also dying of AIDS!”

Martha could just as well have been struck by lightning.

“She’s what?”

I didn’t want to go there.

“Look, it doesn’t matter. All I’m saying is that sometimes we really don’t have all the facts and we go ahead to make conclusions. The truth is, we really do reap what we sow. It’s as much a natural law as it is a spiritual law. The fact that the harvest doesn’t come in a day, a week or even in ten years doesn’t mean the harvest will not come”

Martha still hadn’t recovered from the shock “I never thought of it that way” she whispered, looking quite subdued.

I took her hand and squeezed lightly. My young friend still has a lot to learn.

“But it works both ways, you know” I had to show her the other side of the coin. “If you do what the Bible says and avoid casual sex, you’ll end up with a God fearing fellow. Believe me, if you honour God with your body, He will reward you”

“You sure about that?” Martha wasn’t convinced.

“Can God tell a lie?”

Martha shook her head.

“Well, that’s what God said. It’s a Law. You reap what you sow for good or for bad. It might take time depending on what you sowed,  but you will get the right harvest sooner or later. The only exception is when you get Born Again and Christ becomes your riddance”

We were at our block. “Come on, let’s hurry up, I’m starving.