What They Didnt Teach Us At Harvard! 2

NB: Please read Part 1 for better understanding

“I don’t think it’s just us. Terry commented “There is no school of matrimony anywhere in the world, is there?”

“You have a point there,” Ade agreed, turning back to face the others “It’s ironic, isn’t it? We got educated in an important part of life but we didn’t know it was necessary to get educated in another equally, if not more important area of life, Marriage!”

“Maybe people don’t consider marriage important. Maybe that’s why nobody ever thought of starting a school of Matrimony.” Bruce proffered

“I know some people won’t ever get married but for those that do get married, a happy marriage is more important than a successful career. Look at us. Frankly, I’d rather be poor and happily married than what I am right now!” Terry remarked thoughtfully.

Everyone was looking at him as he continued. “I know it sounds strange but I would give up everything I have right now for a happy marriage. The truth is, if I gave everything up, in two years, I’ll have it all back. I know how to make money but I just don’t know how to make a happy marriage!”

Everyone laughed but Ade’s point was well made. The friends kept quiet for a few minutes again.

“But do you really think marriage is that important?” Larry asked “I’m at a point when all I want is just to be left alone. My wife is a pain.”

“Come now Larry, let’s be honest here. She should be given an award for staying with you for eleven years. Everyone knows Anne is the only human that can live with you!” Bruce retorted

Again, every one burst out laughing.

“What scares me, is my kids. Kate is a great mum and what has really kept me from divorce is the thought of what would happen to them. You need to see the kids when I get into fights with Kate. They just can’t take it” Terry observed

Every one nodded in agreement.

“Well, where are we going to find a school of Matrimony?” Larry asked.

“Maybe I should work on that” Ade announced. “Maybe I’ll start one. I’ll get a few people with successful marriages around and get them to put their secrets in books or even run seminars and things like that.”

“I’d love to be a part of that.” Terry voiced out

“Anybody else interested?” Ade asked

“Are you kidding me?” Bruce shouted. “You can enroll me as your first student right now!”


“I guess Tina’s death is going to do some good after all” Larry observed.

“Yeah, but do you think folks would really come to a school to learn about marriage, I mean most people are busy trying to earn an income” Bruce enquired.

“And, I’m in Australia. How am I going to attend a school of Matrimony in Nigeria?”

“What about the Internet? You can get all sorts of Degrees doing courses on the Internet you know.” Terry explained

“I guess you’re right. You guys are really warming up to this aren’t you?” Ade commented.

“Well it’s a great idea.” Bruce observed. “My only regret is that we didn’t think of this earlier. You can’t believe the problems I’m having. I thought the problems all had to do with my ex-wife. Now I know better. The same problems are cropping up in my second marriage”

“You’ll need to get Sue enrolled in the school” Ade advised.

“We all need to get our wives enrolled if it’s going to work out.” Terry added.

“I guess you have a point there.” Bruce agreed “Sue really needs that school”

Everyone laughed.

Larry looked at his watch “My God, we’ve been at this for three hours. We need to get some sleep don’t we?”

Everyone agreed and the friends all stood up. It was going to be a long day.