Margaret stared at the stack of Bills before her with frustration. How in the world was she going to get money to pay? Hearing the sound of Tom’s car in the drive way, she dragged herself from the kitchen table and headed for the family room. It was about 8pm and she was tired. She collapsed on the sofa, her mind in turmoil.

She really should have known better than to marry Tom. From their days of courtship she had always been the one paying the bills. Tom insisted he wanted to own his own business even though it was apparent he wasn’t making a success of it. He said he couldn’t be an employee anymore.

He moved in with her after they got married with just a box of clothes. He had nothing then and after six years, there still wasn’t anything he had bought for the apartment.

Tom strutted into the lounge and headed straight for the kitchen. Three minutes later, he was back, clutching a cold can of Carlsberg Beer. He hadn’t even bothered to say Hello. He popped the can open and took a long gulp.

Margaret sat still, watching her husband. He had added quite a bit of weight, especially around his mid-section, no thanks to loads of cans of Beer.

‘We are two months back on the mortgage, the car and the Drug store. If we don’t make any payments this week, we’re going to be in trouble.’ Margaret began, barely able to keep her anger out of her voice. The chances of getting any money from Tom were nil, but still, she had to try.

Tom took another long swig at the Beer, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and reached for the Remote Control of the TV. He didn’t utter a word.

‘Didn’t you hear a word I said?’ Margaret queried, her voice rising.

Tom had flicked the button to the Sports Channel and was already engulfed in Manchester United playing Chelsea. Still, he didn’t say a word.

Rising from her chair, Margaret snatched the Remote Control out of his hands and switched the TV off. She couldn’t control her emotions anymore.

‘What in the world is the matter with you?’ she snarled. ‘When are you going to rise up to your responsibilities and be a man?’

Tom looked up at her as if he just realized that she was in the room ‘What are you on about now?’ he grunted, grimacing.

‘What am I on about? You haven’t paid any bills in this house for six years. All you do is laze about the whole place. I’m not going to have it anymore.

‘Is it my fault that business is dull?’ Tom shouted defensively

‘And what are you doing about getting a job then?’ Margaret retorted. “Why not just get a job like all responsible men?”

Tom turned, opened his mouth and changed his mind. He shook his head and returned his gaze to the Television.

“My mother warned me. I should have listened to her. You are a lazy, big for nothing Leech! You don’t really want to work do you? I have to slave at two jobs and you won’t lift a finger to help!’

Tom rose from his seat menacingly and turned on her. ‘Go on, all you do is nag all day. What’s wrong with you working two jobs? You’re an adult aren’t you?’

Margret’s laughter was hollow. ‘I’m going to leave you Tom. You’re irresponsible and I’m walking out on you. I realize that I made a mistake getting married to you. I thought you were an entrepreneur when I met you. I was wrong. You’re just a lazy bum with this silly excuse of wanting to be your own boss. It’s a good thing we have no kids. You have till tomorrow morning to get out of my house.’

With that, she walked out of the door slamming the door after her.

Well guys, is Margaret right to want to give up on her marriage? What do you think? Let’s hear from you.